Timemap is an open-source mapping software applet that enables people from all over the world to come up with a wide number of ways to map an idea or a phenomenon over time. Timemap is really all about taking the age-old technology of mapping, and bringing it to the modern world. If you’ve ever tried to map out or diagram an idea, you know that it can get quite problematic.

It’s not as easy as you think. It’s not a simple matter of just going from point A to point B, discussing one thing right before another, or discussing things in sequence. Proper mapping really ultimately boils down to working with how other people perceive a phenomenon.Then, organizing these materials in such a way that it can be easily and clearly seized and understood. There’s a lot going on.


In many cases, when people look at a point in a map, they often work with their biases, or with the information and pre-existing thinking that they bring to the table. Most of the time, it’s very hard for people to appreciate an item with a fresh set of eyes. They have to look at it based on a context that they’ve set up for it, or from a framework that they themselves carry around with them. Considering all these obstacles, as well as the fact that people would have to jump through many different hoops and hurdles, just so they can properly understand something.


That sounds like quite a bit of an introduction. It seems like it’s somewhat a problematic explanation. Are things really that bad? Well, it is because when you’re trying to project contemporary or even historical information, it’s just too easy to get caught up in the static view that you see in front of you. This operates on many different levels. It’s not only static in terms of graphics, but also in the style it contains in terms of the ideas that you allow yourself to become aware of. High-quality mapping challenges people in addition to informing them. You have to understand that.


Information from the source to the recipient, but it goes beyond that. It’s all about challenging the recipient, so they themselves open up more to information and understand it in clear terms. Information is only good if it can be acted on, people experience it and have some sort of deep personal reaction to it. That’s how information works because it can be transformative, have an impact on what we went before, what’s going on now, and what will happen long into the future. These are the concerns that Timemap is built around. It really all boils down to a methodology.

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We have become frustrated with putting information on a grid and map. Eventually, a lot of the information that we would like to see doesn’t make it to the map. This happens not because that the map is somehow, in some way defective, or that map is some limited. Rather, it’s if we’re dealing with a crisis of imagination.

We just dismissed a lot of things in terms of their possibility. So, by looking at the typical map with a fresh set of eyes and an open mind, we came up with a methodology that works with frameworks instead.

The problem with the typical map is that you already know the parameters at some point. You already know the coordinates, or where things fall. You know these in a rough manner that it’s too much of an assumption to make. So, we look at mapping based on open frameworks where positioning is all relative. As long as you know one position, everything else would flow from it.

Additionally, in real time, we can evolve the map based on other people’s inputs as it organically manifests itself into increasing levels of accuracy. Put simply, the map is a graphical depiction of a community of responses based on people from all over the world with all sorts of agendas and experiences.


Compare this with a typical map that is locked into the prejudices, biases and context of the person who came up with the map in the first place. This communal framework made possible by the internet really is quite revolutionary, and we’re so excited by this project that we have offered it to the public in an open-source way.

This way, when you come up with some sort of innovation or significant and useful modification of the code, other people get access to it, and the framework continues to grow.

Time mapping and other coordinates, like value, appreciation, degradation, entropy, and a wide range of competing, non-linear values, make time mapping so awesome. It is a work in progress, and it continues to evolve as more and more people share their innovations. This is really the whole point of this website.

We understand that this technology has a lot of room for improvement and many open spaces for further growth. We’re not denying that, and we are completely aware. This is why we would like to create and maintain an open space where people from all over the world can improve on the time mapping methodologies

We are firm believers in the idea that two heads are better than one. We understand that when an idea is shared, it can grow in power and value. The more ideas are bounced, around the more they change, the more they can be applied in a wide range of situations, and the more lives they touch.

Share your ideas with us. The more you share your ideas, the more they grow in value because as to the contexts that they can apply to, you’ll be surprised as to how many implementations there are. By creating this open framework, we expect this exchange of ideas to produce even better iterations of the time mapping and technology that we have come up with. The more we share, the more the software improves.


Order Flowers Online Delhi: A Look at Different Flower Selections

There are different floral assortments that you opt for when you Order flowers online Delhi. You can choose off-season flower, seasonal flower, or perhaps the exotic options. It is a matter of personal preference and the choice of the recipient. It is not news that different flowers are meant for different occasions and things. It is quite necessary that you pick flowers based on what they actually represent, just so that the recipient or recipients will appreciate it more.

You’re advised to employ the language of flowers if you intend on meeting with your objectives successfully. It is very easy to make an impression with the mixed flower bunches. They look great; they assist you expressing several emotions and feelings, at the same time. They make the perfect gift items for different occasions. At any point when you wish to send different flowers to a person, one of the ways you can go about that is opting for the flower bunches. Below are some of the different kinds of flower bunches that you can choose.

100 mixed bloom bunch

You can send a mixed bloom bunch that contains orange, lavender and daisies and hot pink carnations. This is great and joyful bouquet that carries with it brightness and sunshine. When you see to it that you want to uplift someone’s mood and tell them how much you care on certain terms; this is one of the best ways to go about it. The 100 mixed bloom bunch in simple terms represents a celebration of new life and optimism.

Vibrant excess

If you are in search of a riot color that overwhelms the sense out of the person that you love, you’re advised to opt for a floral bunch that contains orange and red tulips, orange and purple snapdragons, purple lisianthus, rescues and sweet William. An entire kaleidoscope of colors is present in the bunch that makes the recipient admire your selection and taste.

Outrageous beauty

Another appealing bouquet that you can choose is the orange Asiatic lilies, lemon leaf, yellow and orange germinis, satsuma asters and Belladonna Delphinium. All the flowers in the bunch are all of a vibrant tone. It is important you are aware of the fact that is the ideal gift for anyone knows how to enjoy life.

Christmas Goodie Bags Are Great Christmas Party Fun

It is without a doubt that Christmas parties are at the expense of many home items, thus making goodies bags judicious party expenditure. The various choices available allows one to select the best Christmas goodie bags to go with the right occasion.

Every color imaginable suits a particular birthday party theme or perhaps holiday get-togethers. Easter parties are the perfect choice for the color yellow, pink, blue, or green pastel goodie bags. Christmas decorations have been modified over the years just so they can include a wide palette of colors so that goodie bags of earth tones or midnight blue can be employed to match the current tableware or decorations.

Goodie bags are the perfect choice for scout meetings and other activities for groups, where games generate prizes or other accomplishments are rewarded using certificates or patches that would need to be taken home. In large rambunctious events, these can be lost in the confusion, but issuing everyone a goodie bag will help in taking care of this problem. Writing names on the goodie bag will go a step further in solving the problem, thus it will be of great assistance.

This will assist in saving the time of the participants when they are given some sort of name tag to fill right from the moment they step into the occasion or meeting that will later have stuck onto their goodie bag.

In addition, a wide variety of colors can be used if the party is for children, just so they can be allowed to choose their own. This will seem fun and it will assist them in locating their goodie bags later on when things get serious.

Adult party guests, on the other hand, appreciate it when they take small gifts homes, something that will serve as a souvenir. In some cases, these things include a sample of dessert for those that are at home. Christmas goodie bags are a great idea to employ for Christmas cookie exchange parties, this is a party where an individual brings along a dozen of cookies to a buffet table. They will take one cookie from a dozen different plate. Just so that these items can be transported back home without hassle, goodie bags are ideal for such events.

Tips for Choosing a Trash Hauling Company

Most cities have a variety of choice when it comes to commercial trash-hauling company. You can look up a company that can handle your needs if you feel that a commercial hauling company is ideal to meet your needs and requirement. The process of selecting a trash hauling company begins with you understanding if you really need one in the first place.

Do you need a Commercial Service?

When you start a business it is possible that you may not consider the amount of waste that you will generate at first. Initially, you may think that the first waste generated was from starting out and setting things in place. Nonetheless, if you keep on finding yourself with more garbage that your services allow then you might just be in the market for a commercial trash-hauling company.

Most residential places place certain limits on the number of bags or the amount of trash that you can put out weekly. In addition, most trash-hauling services collect once a week. Opting for a commercial service provides you with a larger dumpster or trash bin. You can also call in whenever you need your trash to be removed. It is guaranteed that you will end up saving money when you employ the services of a commercial hauling company, owing to the options they can provide and the flexibility of their service.

How to Choose a Service

Selecting a trash hauling company is more like how you would select any service provider, you would most definitely shop around and do certain service comparison. It is important that you consider their reputation by consulting reviews and user feedbacks and consider the value they offer for the price that they charge.

You will find that not every trash hauling company out there is similar to the service they offer. However, you may get more options with one compared to what another may offer. You are most definitely face with the option of paying for extra options. All that is required is that you compare what you need to pay for and be sure that it is worth every cent. It is important that you have in mind the flexibility options you get from a commercial hauling company is worth some extra cost.

Buy Lol Accounts: Understanding the League of Legends Gameplay

League of Legends is a very popular multiplayer online battle arena, where the players are competing on one out of four different maps. The gameplay is unique for each map, but one thing that they all have in common is that the ultimate players need to defeat the opponents and ensure that their nexus is destroyed. The game is funded by means of micro-purchases and it is also feasible to buy lol accounts, where real players spend real money on Riot Points that can be exchanged for champions, skins, and other bundles.

League of legends just as mentioned earlier is played on four different maps: Twisted Treeline, Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, and Crystal Scar. The average length of a gameplay is about half an hour (30 minutes) and it can go for as long as 60 minutes. In some instance, you will find that some certain gameplay end right before the 20 minutes mark.

While you are looking out to destroy the nexus of the enemy, players are in the position of controlling and capturing strategic points. This action results in benefits and advantages for the entire team. At the beginning of the game, the Champion in League of Legends will commence from level 1 and rise up the ranks to Level 18. While they are growing, they get to unlock more and new powerful abilities. The gold they tend to accumulate along the way can further be spent of powerful artifacts.

Whatever League of Legend guide you stumble across will give similar advice that you eliminate as much AI controlled monster and minions as possible. Players tend to receive golf for each elimination and a huge amount id offered to the player that is successful=at killing an opposing hero. While all the players start the game as virtual equals, right before the game they are offered the opportunity to choose a diverse set of distinct runes and basic capabilities. The former can be acquired using IP points, so those that spend enough time playing the game will most definitely have all unlocked, without paying for even one.

Best Pokemon Go Locations Around the World

It is without a doubt that the Pokémon Go mobile game has taken the entire world by a storm. Fans of all age brackets are embracing the game and surprisingly they are all taking it seriously. Though many hypes for Pokémon Go has died down, you will still find a handful of players globally that are very much dedicated to the game. Therefore, we took upon yourself to put together a list of some of the best Pokemon go locations around the world.

The mobile game (Pokémon Go) assisted in revitalizing the Pokémon craze even beyond the means with which the continuous new Pokémon generations and new platform games have done. There are quite a number of YouTuber’s globally that have at some point shared some of the top Pokémon Go location with their audience and we have made a list of our own as well.

Whether you are looking to catch some of the rarest Pokémon or you are looking for a ton of tips to have a re-up on Pokéballs and grab some eggs you can at that moment, the list provided below has the location for you.

Central Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City was actually one of the largest hotspots when the mobile game (Pokémon Go) was launched years ago. We without a doubt remember the video of players racing to catch a wild Vaporeon that pawned nearby.

Rome, Italy

If you are opportune to visit the Colosseum in the ancient city of Rome, you will catch Pokémon with cool names like Umbreon, Espeon, and Makuhita. This is among the reasons why the people of Rome are head over heels about Pokémon Go, they have fallen into the Pokémon craze. Pokémon Go is without a doubt giving the residents of Rome reasons to revisit certain areas.

Sydney, Australia

It has been observed that the resident’s in Sydney are taking their love for Pokémon Go a step ahead. One cannot hold back the joy when they find out that the opera house is now a gym and Pokémon are showing up all over that area. Head out for Sydney, most especially if you can, to find fellow Pokémon enthusiast and buffs.

An Overview of Corded Drill

One of the essential tools is the electric power drill. A drill is described as simple hand tools used for the creation of holes. This tool can be connected to a rotating tool to cut through different materials and wood. Some tools are fitted with the drill and are referred as a drill bit. The drill bit is the tool that performs the cutting task to cut through the material. Due to the various benefits offered by this drill like in DIY projects and other essential functions, you will find these tools in a basic toolkit. Check this website for a comprehensive review of power drills.

There are numerous varieties of power drills to select from. Amongst them are the electric power drill and other ones that are battery-powered and does not depend on the electric source for operation. Simply charge the device for use. The exciting feature about this type of electric drill is that you don’t need to worry yourself about losing power while performing a specific project. Regardless of the battery capacity and power, there is a chance that the battery will eventually run low when used for a specific period.

But that is not applicable with the corded power drills because of the presence of electric source to keep the device running until you are done completing the task. The downside of this tool is when a power blackout occurs. In such cases, you will need to use a cordless power drill to complete the project. If none is available, then you have to wait for the power to be restored to complete the project.

The other exciting feature of a corded electric power drill is its function and ability. Electric drills have enough power capacity and can withstand tension and stress than the cordless type. That makes them suitable for heavy duty drilling tasks. In fact, they can be connected to a large hole saw for the creation of holes in mixed mud and concrete. For utmost satisfaction, endeavor to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

Essential Gifts for Baby Showers: Your Ultimate Guide

The date of the baby shower is fast approaching, and you have not yet decided on what to do, or you are trying to find out the essential gifts for baby showers to purchase for the expectant mother. Due to numerous options available out there, what steps would you take? You will get ideas on various platforms like Gift registries, gift idea magazines, and even articles which will get you more confused and overwhelmed. Well, that is the reason for this article, endeavor to consider the tips highlighted below:

First, consider the essential products that are used commonly as baby shower gifts. Items like Cribs, bassinets, Moses baskets, and other furniture products are amongst the popular choices presented during the baby shower. Of course, these items come at a higher cost, so in most cases, it is the close friend or family member of the expectant mother that purchase them. Or, party guests may come together and buy items like a playpen, car seat, recliner or other costly baby shower gift and present it as a group item.

Well, other economical choices are popular due to obvious reasons. It is always great to give the expectant mom a customized present, one that comes directly from you, especially the one that meets your budget and provide her with the baby needs. The type of gifts in this category include some basic materials like diaper bags, travel packs for the car, baby wipe warmers, diaper pails, crib bedding sets, baby monitors, bottle warmers, slings and baby carriers. She will appreciate you if you get her one of them because people tend to overlook them.

Finally, there are numerous low-end essential gifts for baby showers that come at a lower cost, but offer the recipient with appeal and function. Parenting books, packs of diapers, diaper organizers and changing table organizers. Baby products like nail clippers, brushes and combs, bottles, and pacifiers. Other kitchen utensils like plates and bowls, toys and soft, plush animals. You are advised to opt for the item that meets your budgets and the mom’s needs.

Usernamesfinder: How to Come Up With the Best Kik Usernames

The standout feature between popularity and obscurity on any social media platform is a great username. Kik Messenger is amongst the app that works primarily on unique usernames. The screen name helps you get the attention needed. Good kik usernames help reveal your personality while concealing your details. Most people prefer to use the UsernamesFinder to make new cool Kik friends boost their profile on the messenger. To get more followers and promote your social image, you are advised to create a username that is appealing and creative.

There are numerous advantages of having a cool Kik username. A username forms a massive part of your individuality. You can use it to describe your feelings which can eventually be linked to your original name. The username is not related to your looks or lifestyles. With it, you can use it to express your opinions, feelings and inner self. A great one will help you get the utmost satisfaction and make you feel proud for generating it. A cool username also improves your self-worth if you create an excellent Kik name.

Perhaps you have thought that all the best Kik names have been created. Well, that is not true because you can still get the best Kik names by following the right procedure. You can create a whole list of interest names by devoting some time and energy. All it requires is your time, devotion and creativity to make your choices. Even if you are not creative or innovative, there are ways to detect the cool Kik names.

Numerous websites are available out there that offers unusual names or letters. Out of the multiple options, some are famous for creating the most amazing Kik usernames. They help to create specific names, random names and even form cool anagrams from your original name.


SpinXO helps in creating random usernames based on few selected questions. Simply answer two questions, and the spinner will produce a combination that can be used as a username. These are considered as simple, attractive Kik usernames that can be recalled quickly.

Highlighting the Benefits of Owning a Swegway

We parents consider the Kid’s safety as our utmost priority. No one wants his/her kid to get hurt or damage their body parts. Due to this, we have narrowed down our options and choose a Swegway that meets their needs and provide them with safety. Though most new kid toys these days are designed in the form of a small plastic product in box shape coupled with a touch-screen, a hoverboard allows them to participate in outdoor activities. Most Kid’s toys are used for indoor events, but the hoverboard gives them more options. Swegway offered lots of benefits and listed below are advantages of owning one.

  • It helps them get some fresh air making them feel relieved. It allows them to leave the screen for a specific period to enjoy the fresh outdoor
  • Hoverboards designed these days come with numerous safety features and can even be compared to the other electric product used by your kids, even safer than some varieties.
  • It helps you get to school without any complications or difficulties.
  • They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Versatile transportation. Some of these products can be used on various surfaces; hence they can be used for multiple family functions.
  • Provides fun for the whole family. One model is enough for the entire Even though we suggest the use of a model for kids, that doesn’t restrict the use and parents can use them too.
  • Create a fantastic feeling and freedom. Just like when you acquire your driver’s license or when mastering bike’s riding.
  • Designed with environmental-features. It reduces the effect of co2 emission, and it achieves this via the reduction of you and your Kids carbon footprint.
  • Easy to learn. According to reports, it takes kids about 30 minutes to an hour before they can handle the device and learn how to navigate through the pavement.
  • Everyone can master the control of the device. Some girls learn how to handle the Swegway at 3 and four years old. And they develop more by using the device to roam around the yard without any support, but at a low speed.

Composite Decking Boards UK: What to Look For

To enhance the design of your composite deck, it is wise to select the appropriate kind of decking material. However, when shopping for composite decking boards UK, there are numerous options available, and it is quite challenging to get a quality product.

Composite Decking Explained

Composite decking is more durable when compared to the other decking materials. This is due to the incorporation of wood fibers and plastic materials, which prevents deterioration as applicable to other decks. Composite wood is famous for its weather resistance, which gives it the ability to resist abrupt temperature changes that do lots of damage on many quality kinds of wood. Due to the encasement of plastic, it prevents the wood from deterioration due to moisture.

Though these decking materials come at a higher cost than the solid wood, it requires a small amount of maintenance to make the deck look good and will help you get the best value for your money in the long run. This is due to the non-destructive features incorporated in the composite decking boards UK, unlike the solid wood. Also, it resists insects’ attack that may cause damage to the design and quality of the wood. Hard tasks such as staining, painting or sealing are also not required for composite wood.

Composite decks usually last for a more extended period than the solid wood decking materials. Apart from the durability, they tend to retain its appearance and design as well.

Environmental Impact

Considering this factor at this day and age is appropriate. We need to know the impact this decking material will have on our environment. To help the future of the planet and prevent more environmental hazards, tools like decking material can offer some benefits as well. Due to this reason, composite decking responds to the environment’s immediate needs. Asides being produced from recycled materials, it also lasts longer than wood and does not require the addition of stain, which can contain hard chemicals. For utmost satisfaction, endeavor to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

LV Handbag: Guide to Buying Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton handbags have been the most desired bag by women for time immemorial. The LV handbag is one of the costliest bags available. There are numerous designs and styles that will surely make you desire for at least one.

Purchasing Louis Vuitton handbags for yourself can almost be nearly impossible for some and buying for someone else even harder. If getting one as a gift is your goal you may find the prices a bit steep and out of your budget. When you are looking for this bags, you will discover that Louis Vuitton handbag is one of the most popular. You also discover that you can get it for a cheaper price online.

If you need a great way to show an individual that you care, then giving a Louis Vuitton handbag as a gift would surely do the magic. You will be saying to the party involved that they meant a lot to you. It will say so much about what is in your mind about them to receive such a fine gift. And once they realize the brand of the bag they will appreciate the gift ten times more.

Also, the added compliments from spectators will allow them to enjoy the gift more. They will be reminded of the giver of such a wonderful gift each time they are asked about it. You will be thought of in so many ways by the person who will be receiving the gift of an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag as a gift.

If you have concluded to buy an LV handbag for yourself or another person very important you can start by shopping online for LV items. You will find out that Louis offers a large selection of handbags to choose from. There are so many online stores that offer discounts on these handbags. One store, in particular, eBay that offers a vast selection of Louis Vuitton for much lower prices.

Best Wifi Routers: A Buyer’s Guide

The market is now flooded with various brands and different models of wireless routers, it then becomes difficult for average people to get the best wifi routers that can suit their individual needs. The pricing somehow varies depending on the kind of brand, quality and features integrated into the wireless routers. With the development in the area of technology comes the extension of tech terminology, it then becomes very difficult and challenging for the average consumer to know how to find the Best Wireless Routers. So, to narrow down their search and help find the best wireless router that falls within their budget range, there are few features to look out for.


Wireless router performance depends on the standard with 802.11b providing the slowest speed at about 11Mbps. Wireless “g” router provides a maximum speed of 54Mbps even though devices using the 802.11n standard are fastest, topping out at 300Mbps.


Most routers presently support typical WEP securities in addition to WPA and WPA2 that are more secure. If you are interested in controlling what users can access when they are connected to the router, you may want to have one that offers decent Access Controls.

Wired Connectivity

Majority of the wireless routers come with Ethernet ports for hard-wiring devices to exploit the greater transmission speeds of wired Ethernet over wireless connections. For transmission rates that are faster, invest in a router with Gigabit Ethernet ports. Use these ports to wire devices that require high bandwidth applications like voice and video, NAS drives, or any other kind of multimedia server that have Gigabit Ethernet adapter and can utilize that benefit of the faster performance.

Single WAN/Dual-WAN

There is one other choice to consider when deciding on the best wifi routers for your company’s needs, and that is dual WAN. A wireless router with dual WAN ports makes sure that there is reliable connectivity by providing another link to the internet. It is good for industries that use mission-critical applications and cannot afford network interruption.

Wireless Routers Review: Understanding the Wireless Router Standards

This world we dwell and work in is untethered and that small business of yours is not so different. When you want to start building your network, you may not have seen the need for wireless. Now that your company has really grown and your staff has become increasingly mobile, you may be thinking of adding wireless to your network. According to a wireless routers review, wireless provides a lot of advantages, such as letting your employees work from anywhere and providing Internet access to visiting guests.

The following will explain the basics so that you can have a better understanding which kind of wireless router best fits your need.

Know your Standards

When you are looking for a wireless router, you may want to check whether it’s “b,” “g,” or “n”. The letter signifies the wireless communication standard on which the router is based: 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. The first generation of wireless routers was “b,” then comes “g,” and then “n” – the latest generation. The major difference between the router standards is range and speed.

You will not be able to find a lot of “b,” routers on the market anymore except for on eBay because it’s an old technology. If you are still using “b” routers on your network, you need to consider upgrading.

Single band vs. Dual band.

Wireless communication operates in two bands _ 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Routers based on 802.11b and 802.22g standards – but some “n” routers – use the 2.4GHz band; however, the 802.11n standard enables wireless devices to use the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. Routers that function in the 2.4GHz band only are often called “single band”. Wireless “n” routers (dual-band) are obtainable as “simultaneous” or “selectable” models, sometimes known as “two radio” or ‘’single radio” respectively. A selectable “n” router can operate in either 2.4GHz or 5GHz mode; while the simultaneous “n” device can function in both frequencies altogether.

Review of the F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine

You have most likely come across F2C heat press machines on display whether your search is nascent or you have been on it for a while. The F2C brand is a renowned and richly reviewed seller of quality heat press machines little wonder why you found yourself here while searching. We are simply the best! For more information on all F2C heat press machines in comparison with others in the market, please click here.

Heat press machines look very much alike and telling one brand from the other or knowing which brand to patronize can be quite difficult especially on e-commerce platforms like Amazon. What stands F2C out are the positive customer reviews It has garnered over the years. We all know positive reviews equal good product and excellent service delivery.

It’s multi-purpose functions give you access to use it for sticking anything on a plate, mug and cap pressing. If you are one who just wants to pay around by indulging in moving to these other molecules, this might be your best bet. If your purpose is strictly business, it could be quite evasive.


These multiple-function machines are astounding for people who want to try out having different heat transfers for different surfaces. It can be really great pressing it on a plate and that’s if you get to use the plate most of the time, otherwise, what will be the essence? If you, however, use it on your children’s plates and cups, it could make their eating habit great and make eating a fun thing to do for them.

  • This heat press is a swerve-away design machine
  • You get to choose between the options of Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • As earlier said, it is useful for attachment presses
  • You get a one-year limited warranty

Like most Chinese made presses, it also comes with a brief user’s guide. You might have a hard time following but do not be discouraged by that. The internet is littered with YouTube videos and forum conversations (or check for reviews on Amazon) in on that will guide you on using this amazing product.