As you can well imagine, this website is a work in progress. There’s no such thing as a perfect website. There’s always room for improvement.

Accordingly, our attitude toward the time map technology carries over to our attitude regarding this website. We know that it can do a better job getting a message across, or encouraging people to work collectively on the problem sets embodied by the time map paradigm and implementation, so it can benefit more people from all over the world.

Consequently, we would encourage and invite you to share resources. If you’ve come up with your own time map based solution, share it here. If you’re aware of a competing framework do, let us know.

We don’t get turned off by competition. We have nothing to hide, and we have nothing to prove. Instead, we are excited about the whole concept of showcasing and celebrating a wide range of solutions to the common problems that the time map implementation tries to address head on. So, the more of this code that we can get our hands on, the more we can share. The more of these resources you bring our attention, the more we can share with people who stand to benefit from those resources.

Do us a big favor, if you have come across any type of time mapping or mapping type of implementation or solution, don’t be shy. Share that information, so we can publicize it as widely as possible.

Share your commentary

Sometimes people help push innovation along not because they invent something. Sometimes by simply speaking up, telling others that it doesn’t work right, or doesn’t seem right, it’s good enough. Regardless of how seemingly negative your feedback may be, share it. The more commentary we have, the higher the likelihood we would spot problems and come up with implementations that can take our technology to a much higher level.

As the old saying goes, “The only stupid question is the question that isn’t asked.” The same applies to commentary. You are entitled to your impression. If you come up with some sort of assessment that may not be readily acceptable, but other people share it anyway. The more feedback we get, the more directions and data points we are exposed to. This can lead to us tightening the code to such an extent that it can evolve out of whatever bottlenecks it’s suffering from.

In addition, help us debug not only the software, but also our website. Sometimes there are dead links, or out-of-date information. This happens to the very best of websites. We understand that this website is a work in progress. Accordingly, help us figure out all sorts of problem sets, so we can fix and get to the bottom of them. Then, present clear, actionable information up for people interested in what stands for.

Moreover, if you have a tough time finding information, or if you think that the information is presented in a very unclear and confusing way, speak up. We’d love to hear from you, or to get data points that will let you enable us to whip this website into shape.

Spread the word about our resources. Don’t be shy. If this website has encouraged you benefited you in any way shape or form, or helped make your life easier, do us a big favor and pay it forward by spreading the word about our resources.